Industrial Painting ContractorAmong their many private contracts is La Paloma Resort and Hotel in Tucson Arizona. Long considered a star in Tucson’s resort community, La Paloma awarded De Leon Painting the contract to provide exterior surfaces, painting and interior wall coverings. The finished work again tells of De Leon’s expertise and versatility. De Leon’s contracting specialties include: architectural coatings, industrial coatings, wall coverings, certified applications, sand blasting, shot blasting and epoxy injection. Each is done to exacting specifications and each is done with thoroughness typical of De Leon Painting, Inc.

Classified as a certified minority business and a small business entity, De Leon Painting, Inc. is small only by definition. They are a large company in quality and commitment. Their commitment is to both their clients and their employees. Lola De Leon explains, “We provide benefits for our employees and keep them working year round so they can make plans, buy homes, and raise families in our communities.” This commitment to their employees has paid off for both De Leon Painting and for their clients. Many of their employees have been with them for almost 10 years and some employees are nearing the 20-year mark. The added years of experience and expertise of the De Leon Staff are evident in the quality of work done for each client.

Greg De Leon, Vice President, is known in the industry for his professional and thorough approach. He works as a project manager, estimator and will often run crews for De Leon Painting. His knowledge of technical advances in chemistry and surfaces keeps De Leon on the cutting edge of their industry.

Commercial Paint Contractors ArizonaWhile Greg and Hugo are in the field supervising their large work crews, Carrie, Michelle and Lola De Leon run the office. Carrie is in charge of payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable while Lola De Leon serves as the office manager. Carrie, Michelle and Greg are all college graduates and are ready to carry De Leon Painting into the next millennium. De Leon Painting runs as a well-oiled machine, keeping their many contracts on sched¬ule and up to the De Leon high quality of workmanship.

“Our commitment is to work with our general contractors to get a job done as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We tailor our service to meet our client’s needs,” states Lola De Leon, Secretary of De Leon Painting. This custom service might involve working round the clock and on weekends to accommodate specific jobs. Lola De Leon remarked that their expertise and service certainly sets them apart in the industry, “but it is our ability to mobilize quickly that makes us a stand out. We have the available manpower, supplies and equipment to get in there and start the job and get it done.” De Leon is able to complete projects on schedule and provide outstanding workmanship guarantees to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Fred Knapp, president of Knapp Construction, remarked, “De Leon can handle very large jobs. They can man a job quickly and they provide the best superintendents to oversee the job. We have always been satisfied with the quality of their work. We presented them with a challenge when we needed a large job completed in just two weeks time. They were able to finish on schedule.”

Commercial Paint ArizonaDe Leon Painting, Inc. brings to each client expertise, experience and knowledge of the painting industry. They are qualified and industry certified. “We worked hard to earn the De Leon reputation in the contracting industry. We have gained a reputation for quality and hard work,” states Lola. They have made Arizona their home and have helped to paint and refurbish this home for over 25 years.

Growth and expansion has led De Leon Painting into statewide markets. It is easy to see why De Leon Painting was honored as the state of Arizona’s minority contractor of the year for 1998. De Leon currently has offices in both Tucson and Phoenix Arizona.