Kitt Peak and Mount Graham Observatories

Challenges are a part of every day in the construction industry. De Leon Painting is able to provide service to the most technical of clients. The telescopes at Kitt Peak Observatory required them to work closely with the National Optical Astronomy Observatories. De Leon made use of special 110 degree knuckle boom lift that enabled them to maneuver around the telescopes. Successful completion of this contract enabled them to also gain the contract at Mount Graham Observatory. Literally reaching for the stars has placed De Leon in a class by themselves.

Pima Community College 

PCC in Tucson illustrates the talent and expertise of De Leon Painting. They were able, with texture and color, to revitalize an aging building. Their exteriors at the Clements Recreation Center in Southeast Tucson are a work of art. It is easy when viewing these projects to see why De Leon has a reputation for excellence in the industry. The projects they undertake are not simple and straightforward, there are often interesting challenges to over come once the De Leon crew is on the job. The Clements Recreation Center is a myriad of textures, shapes and colors. De Leon was able to work with the contractor to produce a finished product that is both functional and beautiful.

Central Arizona Pumping

Central Arizona Pumping including Lake Havasu Pumping Plant. The plant went six stories down rather than above the ground. This made the job more difficult to bid as well as execute. Hugo’s expertise in difficult jobs made what might have been a very difficult process simple. His ability to bid and estimate even the most complex jobs in a thorough and professional manner is a great advantage to the clients of De Leon Painting.


La Paloma Resort 

Among their many private contracts is La Paloma Resort and Hotel in Tucson. Long considered a star in Tucson’s resort community, La Paloma awarded De Leon Painting the contract to provide exterior surfaces, painting and interior wall coverings. The finished work again tells of De Leon’s expertise and versatility.

and others such as 



Tucson Electric Power

Fred Knapp, president of Knapp Construction, remarked, “De Leon can handle very large jobs. They can man a job quickly and they provide the best superintendents to oversee the job. We have always been satisfied with the quality of their work. We presented them with a challenge when we needed a large job completed in just two weeks time. They were able to finish on schedule.”

De Leon Painting, Inc. brings to each client expertise, experience and knowledge of the painting industry. They are qualified and industry certified. “We worked hard to earn the De Leon reputation in the contracting industry. We have gained a reputation for quality and hard work,” states Lola. They have made Arizona their home and have helped to paint and refurbish this home for over 25 years.


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